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about us

We specialise in finest quality frozen vegetables to offer you effortless meal solutions

Sifat was established in 2018 which organises the vegetable business in India under the rules of Indian government initiative with the aim of covering the benefit of farmer surplus product and has a 15 year experience of growing and selling of green vegetables. Initially, it covered a small area of harvested and supplying products in the Punjab. Over the last three years, the company expanded and covered other states of India and has created a market leadership position making itself a brand to meet the requirements of every household. The Frozen Mixed Vegetables available here are of excellent quality.



Providing the best quality frozen food to all our esteemed customers at the most cost-effective prices is what we persistently try to set the seal on. We do the utmost to ensure fair returns to the farmers we collaborate with and prioritise making real and natural food accessible to engender healthier communities.


Delivering the best quality organically made up frozen food, that’s free from synthetic and artificial ingredients & additives is what we endeavour to manifest in the society.


To ameliorate people’s lives by supplying high-quality, sustainable and healthy frozen vegetables. Through innovation and cooperation, we seek to incorporate real and healthy food into everyone's daily diet.

why choose us

There are Reasons Galore for Choosing Us!

Organic Frozen Food

100% organic, making it the best choice for your health.

Our Company’s Innovation

Innovating with a purpose to provide farm fresh products.

Absolutely Affordable Products

Connecting directly with the farmers for better pricing.

Our Food Safety

Promoting overall good health with safe and nutritious food.

Hygienic And Clean

Following all the good practices to deliver wholesome products.

Commitment to Quality

Maximising flavour and nutrition with top-quality frozen veggies.

Make Healthier Choices

One store for a variety of Pure Frozen veggies

Vegetables constitute an important part of our daily diet. So, put an end to taxing local store visits and choose from a variety of options at a single click.

Strong Quality Promise

Our guaranteed quality promise is a game-changer for customer satisfaction.

Stock Your Freezer with Healthy Veggies - AS Frozen Foods

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